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Friday, August 15 through Saturday, August 16 

Washington State Genealogical Society Annual Conference (State Society)

Host Society Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society

Byrnes Performing Arts Center, Arlington WA

D. Joshua of "Who Do You Think You Are?" and "Genealogy Roadshow" fame will
be the marquee speaker at the 2014 Washington State Genealogy Conference. We
are also featuring some of the best genealogy speakers in the northwest and
the nation. This conference will help you destroy your brick walls, advance
your skills, and further your research. Speakers will explore methodology,
technology, and DNA.  Some will demonstrate great techniques, others the use
of technology, plus some will explain how you can incorporate science into
your research. For more information visit http://www.wsgs2014conference.com/
Click the link below for the informational flyer.
For full information go to the Conference Website:  http://www.wsgs2014conference.com/
UPDATED Information:
Conference Update: Early Registration and Class Availability May 31, 2014
Early registration for the Washington State Genealogy Conference ends June 15, 2014. If you’ve already registered, thank you. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone and learning together. If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time, but some of our classes are already near capacity.
Some quick registration updates:
Conference Milestone
  • On our way to 200 registrations!  With more than 180 registrations already, we are on pace to break 200 attendees in the coming days. Why do we think this is a milestone? It’s a little bit about the more the merrier, and a lot about connecting, learning and sharing. We all have different experiences, styles and most importantly — family information! You might just find your 3rd cousin twice removed who has the missing piece to your brick wall challenge!
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