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Washington State Genealogical Society Associated Dues:
Member societies have the option to offer their members the opportunity to join the Washington State Genealogical Society at a reduced rate ($10 for an individual or $11 for a household instead of $12/$13). That saves the member money as well as earning money for their Society ($2 per membership). If a society has 10 members join or renew WSGS membership at the same time by February 28, the society’s dues will be free so the savings is increased. Below is the information needed and can be submitted in a Word or Works table, an Excel or Works Spreadsheet, or in a format that is designed by the local society. The information can be submitted electronically to the Membership Chair Kathy Sizer at sizer@bentonrea.com or by mail to:
Washington State Genealogical Society, 1901 S 12th Ave, Union Gap, WA 98903-1256 with the society’s check.
Surname      Given Name       Street Address       City        Zip      Phone          E-Mail
Each submission needs to include the society submitting the info and the total amount submitted.
1. To earn a complimentary membership in WSGS, a society must submit at least 10 members at one time prior to February 28. (Family memberships count as 1 member.)
2. If you have questions, contact the Membership Chair Kathy Sizer, sizer@bentonrea.com