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Objectives of the Washington State Genealogical Society

shares information about genealogical activities and resources from individual members and local, county, state and national organizations. 
promotes the preservation of and access to public and private genealogical and historical information.
co-sponsors an annual genealogical conference in partnership with a local host society.
issues a Washington State Pioneer Certificate to all who can prove their ancestor was in the Territory of Washington before 11 November 1889, and issues a First Citizen Certificate for those whose ancestor was in the state before 31 December 1900. (Click on the Projects link at left.)
promotes communication through individual participation and regional representation.
publishes a bi-monthly newsletter of local, state and national genealogical information including a calendar of events.

Kittitas County Genealogical Society
Program: Craig A. Hughes, a faculty member at CWU, will present "Both Sides of Billiongraves"
He describes himself as having an interest in the power of electronic tools in family history. 
Billiongraves.com is like findagrave.com - cemetery graves,
with special emphasis on showing...
Yakima Valley Genealogical Society
General Meeting: Land Records presented by Pat Bundy.
Wenatchee Area Genealogical Society
Program Meeting
Navigating the New WAGS Website
Speakers: WAGS members Betty Carrick and Mary Swartz